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IQ Weather In 2021


Teaching people about weather should not be stuffy and boring. Weather is exciting and dynamic! And, our video based lessons bring meteorology to life! 

Just this morning, we released our latest lesson on Tropical Weather, and the video is stunningly beautiful. I had to watch it twice...once just for fun! We think you will find a lot of value in the content of each lesson...and we have 24 lessons in all! Take time to watch our preview of the Tropics lesson on this blog. You will see what I mean!

On another note...on  this last day of 2020, yet another storm is brewing in the southern plains, and it will turn into headaches for New Year's Day across a big part of the eastern United States. 

Our course provides the fundamentals to enable our students to understand how and why storm systems form and behave the way they do. We want our students to be able to use the information they learn through IQ Weather for the rest of their lives! And. we have designed our...

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