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IQ Weather: Heading To The Heart Of Storm Season

Storms are a big part of springtime weather! And we are heading into a more active part of the spring storm season. That means the weatherperson on TV will be talking about the threat of hail, heavy rains, high winds, and even tornadoes.

For some, storm season is a time of worry and fear. But at IQ Weather, we believe that understanding storms helps to overcome some of those fears.

In our lesson on storms, we talk about some of the signs that indicate when storms are about to become severe in your neighborhood. We also talk about why some parts of the storm that look the scariest…are really not the most dangerous part of the storm!

Here is a small excerpt from our lesson on storms:

“Hail size is also a good indicator of the strength of a storm. The larger the hail, the stronger the updraft inside a storm!  Updrafts that are capable of producing softball sized hail can exceed 100 mph!  And, the larger the hailstone…the faster it falls to the ground!  Hail that is 2 to 4 inches in diameter can fall at speeds up to 72 mph!

Severe storms can be as much as 10 miles tall. They block out a lot of sunlight….and create a dark shadow on the earth underneath them. That’s why the skies can turn dark greyish purple under the strongest storms.”

The skies will give you clues to what is happening, and we cover all of that in various lessons throughout our course!

The key to feeling like you have some control over the weather during storm season is having a plan!  Knowing storm safety and having a family plan for when storms threaten your area is one way to feel a little more at ease during severe weather season!

Make sure all of your family knows what to do, and where to go to stay safe in case strong storms hit.

IQ Weather is dedicated to making sure you understand how the atmosphere behaves, so that you will know when you are in danger, and when it may look threatening, but is not!

Sign up today and get started!

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