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IQ Weather: Taking Summer By Storm!

IQ Weather is on the move this summer!

We are working with school districts, private and parochial schools, and homeschool groups to provide the best weather/science course in America!

We recently were added as an educational resource for science with Prager University for Kids! Look for us in the Math and Science section on the second line (there is a drop-down caret).

We are also attending the largest homeschool convention in America in Cincinnati Ohio. If you plan on attending, look for us at booth 1033 from August 12th-14th at the Duke Energy Center for the Great Homeschool Convention!  That will be a lot of fun and give us a chance to meet you!

We have been talking to a number of schools around the country this summer to find out how they like to utilize science curriculum and have found that IQ Weather checks all the boxes.

When we were developing our weather course, we thought about all the ways it could be used. We do not “talk down” to students…we realize they are very smart and have a lot of great questions about how our planet and our weather works. We know they are capable of comprehending more advanced concepts than we give them credit for. So, we designed the course that way.

We pack each video with a lot of information, so that teachers can dive deeper into the topics with their students after each video…and before they take the quiz. We also provide printable PDF files for each lesson that include the actual video script, teacher guides, lesson plans, in-depth quiz answers, vocabulary words, extra study resources and more!

Within our lessons we talk about the basic concepts of physics, chemistry, geology, geography, tectonics, oceanography, and more. Our planet, and the atmosphere is an integrated and interdependent system. Understanding the science of weather requires you know something about all of these topics, or it doesn’t make sense!

Some schools will use it as a summer school course, to give students fresh, engaging content during the summer months.

Some see it as an augmentation to their core science curriculum as our video lessons address so many aspects of science…and not just weather.

Some may use it as a core curriculum.

We think you will love IQ Weather. And your students will be so excited, they won’t be able to wait for the next lesson in the 24-lesson course! Sign up today and be on the leading edge of science education!


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