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IQ Weather Blog: How To Avoid Being Fooled

One thing IQ Weather focuses on is correctly interpreting data, historical context, and understanding when you are only getting part of the story.

Over the summer months, there was a focus on the hot weather over the western United States, the wildfires, and dry weather.  In recent weeks, there has been a focus on hurricanes…since it’s hurricane season. There are constant claims that we are living in unprecedented times from a climate perspective, and people use snippets of science reports to back up these claims.

The truth is that all of the things we heard about this past year have happened in the past. Both weather, and climate are cyclical.  The most important climate cycles are tied to the energy received by the sun…and the changes in that energy over time.  There are some solar cycles that will last up to 100,000 years. A 30-year average means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Remember, satellite data only goes back to 1979…and...

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