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IQ WEATHER Homeschool Extra: Avalanche!


On February 7, 2020,  in the Tapovan-Reni area of Uttarakhand's Chamoli district in Nepal, campers witnessed a huge glacier break that triggered an avalanche.

 IQ Weather is constantly looking for videos that gives homeschool students a sense of the power of nature. The avalanche starts at the top of the mountain, and as the snow plummets down the mountain valley, it morphs into a mass of snow and condensation that makes it difficult to tell whether or not it’s actually snow or just a cloud!  Watch the video to its conclusion to find out!

 This also illustrates what happens when a large object forces air to move in one direction. The result is similar to what happens in a wet microburst! IQ Weather covers microbursts in one of our online video classes. If you have a chance to take our homeschool course, you will understand more about how this sort of phenomena happens!

Watch...it's amazing!

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